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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

Acupuncture can be an excellent alternative for conditions that have not fully responded to conventional treatment. Most commonly acupuncture is being used for enhancing performance in the competitive horse. This is an excellent modality for relieving musculoskeletal pain, obscure lameness, back pain and decreased performance. Acupuncture can also be very effective for acute and chronic colic, metabolic disease, neurological disorders, heaves, allergies, laminitis, infertility, and for prevention of disease.

Licensed Massage Therapist

tamara Over 30 years of equine experience coming from a natural horsemanship approach, mutual respect is built to ensure an optimum healing environment that is safe for both equine and practitioner.

I have worked with the equine from within the womb to over 33 years of age, working with multiple disciplines, breeds, and training methods used, this experience has honed my therapeutic abilities for the horse, rider, and trainer in being able to identify problem areas and conformation imbalances caused by hypertonic musculature.
Horse and rider mirror each other in their imbalances and over time this can cause body stain, and discomfort eventually leading to injury, as well as exhibit in behavioral changes such as aggression, irritability, or laziness.
Structural body balance is key in long term health and top performance for both horse and rider under a regimented training schedule.

 Myofascial Release is a safe and effective way to overcome any pain or discomfort. This particular modality is uses by Physical Therapists, Massage Practitioners and Occupational Therapists worldwide as a manual manipulation technique of the whole body structure down to the cellular level. Originally for the human this technique has been modified for the equine for we are very similar in how we use our body’s muscles.

To improve movement without pain is crucial to longevity, motion is lotion to our joints, tissue, and body as a whole. 
This also applies to our four legged furry companions too, in keeping them healthy and mobile longer as mans best friend gets on in age. 

I have been a License Massage Practitioner for humans for 8 years now and have the state required endorsement additional training on my state license for both large and small animal as well as an intraoral endorsement needed for alleviating TMJ, migraine, and jaw disjunctions in humans.
The specialized education for rehabilitation and treatment I have been training with multiple Physical Therapists for both equine and human to hone my Myofascial Release skills for the past 8 years and continue to do so in the years to come.

Tamara Stone