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Preventative Care

Preventative Care

A good preventative care program is essential to your horse’s health. This program consists of annual health and dental exams, vaccinations, and deworming. Call or email us about a comprehensive and cost-effective health plan for your horse or barn.

Health Exams

A yearly health exam or pre-season soundness exam can optimize your horse’s overall wellness and performance. These exams can give you a baseline and help identify future health risk factors so they can be addressed early on. We examine the heart, lungs, intestinal system, temperature, dental health, eyes, weight, and the horse’s overall condition. We’ll discuss your goals and concerns, and work with you on strategies to ensure your horse’s optimal performance.


Our vaccination programs are established for individual horses based on their age, risk of exposure, use, geographic area and environment. Vaccines can minimize risk and severity of infectious diseases.

Adult vaccine recommendations

Foal vaccine recommendations


Internal parasites are a constant threat to your horse’s health. Parasites can cause extensive internal damage, lower resistance to disease and absorption of essential nutrients, as well as cause colic and death. Deworming programs are designed by taking into account your geographic location, pasture management, number and age of horses, and management practices. Contact us to establish the best program for your horse or barn.

Dental Exams

An annual or semi-annual dental exam is important to ensure your horse has a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. For more about equine dentistry, click here.


Our portable system allows our team to perform advanced diagnostics right in your barn. Visualizing the equine respiratory and gastrointestinal system with a video endoscope allows diagnosis of many conditions affecting the upper airway, sinuses, trachea and lower airway, esophagus and stomach. Our doctors are committed to proper diagnosis to help guide you through a treatment plan with the best outcome possible.