Alexis Chavez

Alexis has known from a very young age that horses were going to be a part of her future. She grew up listening to her mother’s own horse experiences, so you could say the passion runs through her veins. Although she does not own any horses at the moment she has great experience with horses both on the ground and in the saddle, riding mainly western disciplines on and off since childhood. She has been with EEVP as Dr. Brittany Davis’s technician for a little over a year now, her favorite procedure to do out in the field is assisting with Gastroscopies.  After graduating high school she was set to continue her education as a Physical Therapist Assistant as sports medicine was something she focused on in that time, but soon after decided she didn’t want to stray from what brought her happiness; the horses. Her love of sports medicine for humans easily transitioned to becoming an upcoming Equine Massage Therapist within the community. Her plan is to get licensed in Maintenance, Performance, and Rehabilitation massage while also exploring other various courses focusing on Equine Back Pain, Acupressure, and Equi-taping.